Hey mommies her comes dates drufruits Barfi..

It’s vvgood for our kids as sugar is not allowed them to eat.But BELIVE me this stuff is awesome without sugar itself..let hop in how to mak


I have not grinded DRYFRUIT intentionally as our kids need to chew all the food so keep dry fruits in small size but make sure they chew and eat..

Ingredients to make dry fruit dates Barfi..

Dates – 400 grams (2 cup)

Walnuts – 50 grams (½ cup)

Cashews – 50 grams (½ cup)

Almonds – 50 grams (½ cup)

coconut – 25 grams (½ cup) (grated) fresh preferably

Pistachios – 20 grams (2 tbsp)

Chironji (optional)– 20 grams (2 tbsp)

Poppy seeds – 20 grams (2 tbsp)

Nutmeg – 1/2 half

Green cardamom – 6-7

2 spoon refined Sundrop oil..

Instructions how to make..

Cut each cashew into 6-7 small chunks and likewise chop each almond making 7-8 small chunks. Similarly, chop walnuts as well and place everything in a bowl.

Slice the pistachios into thin pieces. Peel the green cardamom and crush its seeds along with nutmeg into fine powder using mortar pestle.

Note nutmeg in v small quantity OTHERWISE whole Barfi will smell too much .

Roughly chop the dates using a knife and discard their seeds. Place them in a bowl.

Place a pan on flame and add chopped cashews, almonds and walnuts into it. Keep stirring constantly and roast them for 2-3 minutes on medium flame. Then transfer them in a bowl. Place the pan back on flame and pour some oil into it. When the oil is hot add poppy seeds into it. Stir it continuously and roast it for 2 minutes on low flame.

Once the poppy seed turns fragrant, add nutmeg-green cardamom powder, chopped dates, roasted chopped dry fruits, grated coconut fresh and chironji ( optional)into it. Keep the flame on low and mix all the ingredients thoroughly.

When everything is mixed well, turn off the flame and transfer the mixture on a plate so that it cools down quickly.

Grease the hand with some oil and pinch some mixture. Roll it out into cylindrical shape by pressing it with both the hands. Coat the barfi with some sliced pistachios and place it on a plate. Likewise, prepare the rest of the barfis until the mixture is utilized completely.

Now take an aluminium foil piece and place a barfi on it. Wrap it up nicely. Similarly, wrap the rest of the barfis and place them in refrigerator for 2 hours to set. After 2 hours, barfis will set aptly.

Unwrap the barfis and cut them into ½ cm thick barfi. Place them on a plate. Khajur dry fruits barfis are now ready.

Serve these mouth-watering and tantalizing khajur dry fruits barfi after any meal as a dessert or have them whenever you crave for something sweet. Keep the barfis in open for 2-3 hours then store them in an air-tight container and relish eating for up to 3-4 months.

So everyone enjoy the Barfi

Do not give more that half piece of small Barfi to kids..

And one piece to younger kids..

Love you all


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