Sinhagad Trek..Best way to give Occupational therapy to Autistic kids…..

Today 5am went to Singhagard fort with Dhruva and Rishi and all my Pune Running club

Parents of all the kids out there its beneficial for both kids either autistic or hyperactive kids..Its the best possible way to channelize there energy in this direction…kids enjoy a lot ..just start early and it alao helps in family pack ur bags,have plenty of drinking water,some lemon sugar water,caps,sunglasses, first aid kit for safety..put on your shoes and go early..come out of ur comfort zone that’s important…

Parents going through Autism pain will definitely benefit from trekking…will be midst nature,bonding between kid and parents..child extra energy get diverted in best direction as all his muscles get activated and most important brain focuses on specific muscles ..its a best BRAIN GYM exercise,natural joint compression,kids get tired so sleep pattern improves…only benefits free of cost…as all of us have spent lumsum amount on therapies…

Today Dhruva could climb 75% of the trek up and down hill total 6.2 km..all the parents just with your kids start with small hill 1km up down …never force your kid especially Autistic kid to perform.They should never feel overdone…Dhruva expressed that he could not climb ,we were just 800 mt away from summit still Rishi and i decided to come down as coming down too requires lot of energy… so enjoy till the child is comfortable…

Proud of you Dhruva..

Now let me explain benefits of Trekking
Along with the physical health benefits, the climbs & descents also strengthen you mentally & emotionally. Enhanced physical stamina, demolished mental blocks, and a restored faith in yourself, trekking or hiking transforms in ways more than you can think!

As it naturally follows, trekkers lead a happier and a healthier life than the rest of the crowd. Trekking surely is holistically therapeutic. For Autistic kids it act as a therapy wherein a kid mind is focused on just one task for a longer period of its the best therapy that to free of mommies tighten your shoes and just start trekking…the kids sleep is also improved…

In fact, hiking is a good exercise to start with. Let us understand the key health benefits of trekking or hiking. We are beginning with the physical aspect, shifting later to the mental & emotional ones:

1.Overall improved fitness improves muscle tone and works on reducing reflexes..

2.Reduces Stress of the child and family going together..

3.Improves Cardiovascular strength

Regular trekking can increase cardiovascular strength of our kids as the heart has to pump harder to keep up with the oxygen demand while trekking. This increases blood flow to the muscles and the brain of our kids, improving the circulatory and respiratory system’s health.

4.Social benefits
Trekking with other people can create social bonding with people…kids have lot of energy and we call it hyperactive so mommies channelize this energy into constructive tasks.. While trekking, you are able to spend time bonding with members of the group, motivating and encouraging each other to keep going and persevere when times get tough. Sharing the good memories and experiences that come with trekking can also help overcome differences, encourage an acceptance of different kinds of people and increase your ability to adjust and get along with others.

5.Inner Cleanse
While trekking, kids are much less likely to drink aerated drinks, but they’ll drink plenty of H20 and eat wholefoods. Consuming nothing but goodness for a week or more has positive outcomes for inner health. You’ll feel fantastic, your skin rejuvinates and there is definitely empowerment when the body goes a la naturale.

So parents pack your bags ,put on your shoes and move…

Sneha Narayan..

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