Foods to avoid in VATA PACIFIER DIET OR GFCGSF diet…

Foods to avoid in VATA PACIFIER DIET or GFCGSF diet…

hey friends here i am with my third article..on what to avoid in GFCFSF diet(Gluten free,Casein free,sugar Free) diet…

If you decide to follow a GFCF diet you will become an
expert in reading ingredient labels.
A gluten-free/casein-free/Sugar free diet is also known as the GFCFSF diet. …
it’s reasonable to ask what harm could result from trying a casein-gluten-free diet. what i have found in my 1.5 year journey is Autism is due to food intake..and not any other reason..
sharing some incidents
Incident no 1
1.I was using Ashirvaad Select Superior Sharbati atta (wheat)
Image result for ashirwad super select
packet since like 8 years a damm good follower of this atta ,being the most expensive atta Rs55 /kg thought this is the best i am giving to my child.
I keep daily records of Dhruva’s intake and changes in his behavior since like 7 months in my dairy this is the first thing early morning i do..takes 5 min time but its worth it… so it was v easy for me each day to rule out the culprit.. will later share the format of the record to maintain..
its my request to all the parents to keep a record of intake you are giving to your child as each child in spectrum is different and in 1 week time you will understand which food is personally effecting your child the most.. and Triggering his behaviors..
The moment i use to give wheat chapati to Dhruva he starts jumping on my sofa for like 2 hrs he became so restless and irritated..but same though as i am giving best of best and most costly wheat to my son then why is it so…was in a very distress situation but god helped me that day itself…
Suddenly received a message one-day on whats app it was about this so called Ashirvaad superior atta. Went through this video and got shocked..

Ashirved Atta reality video

then understood the reason why Dhruva got so irritated after eating wheat Chapati…
Guys i got v angry people can go to such extent to earn money…they are least bothered about peoples health just behind money money and money…i had 5kg new packet of this wheat so immediately threw away in dustbin and went to buy wheat and got it grinded immediately .
The whet i got the wheat grinded in front of me and came home and tested it to my surprise it was fully soluble in water friends…
Being from North part of India just had wheat all these years,so was so much worried as to what to give now to my son i still wanted to avoid asked my friend Riya ..she to is mother of 5 yrs corageous kid Garv was in spectrum but seems v normal to me at present she too is a hard core follower of GFCFSF diet..she solved the biggest problem of my life ,taught me to make jowari roti...
as jowari roti is litter bit harder and coarser side so my mom with 1 week of experimenting she found out ways to make soft and soluble Jowari my breakfast and Dinner problem. As short of time will share the video of how to prepare jowari roti and sugar free Tomato chutney to go with it…this roti can me mixed with vegetables to keep it interesting for kid to love it..put spinach ,beetroot ,carrot,beans,cucumber,onion ,tomato,dhaniya patta and many more..and cut them in various shapes to make it look good.
if your kid loves nachani atta (v famous in Maharashtra) Rice, flax seed you can add all of these and Daal(chana daal ,tuar daal,Moong daal etc) too and can make multigrain atta..but make a point get it grinded in front of you itself
Gluten is found in wheat (including durum and bulgar), oats, rye, barley, millet, kamut and spelt and in foods made from these grains, including breads, pastas, cereals, cookies and crackers, vinegars, sauces, soups, artificial colors and flavorings, some spices, food starches and even some candies.
But thousands of processed foods contain ingredients made from gluten or casein, so staples such as hot dogs, lunch meat, bottled salad dressings, jarred sauces, and even some margarine may not be allowed.
all these foods should be avoided strictly…
2.The 2nd obvious culprits is milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream….GHEE
Casein is in dairy products, including milk, butter, cheese, sour cream, yogurt, ice cream and is added to some margarine. Casein in the form of caseinate is often added to soy cheese and hot dogs for texture. It is not just cow’s milk that contains casein but also milk from all mammals, including goats, sheep and human breast milk. Products that are lactose-free are not necessarily casein-free.
some people were asking me about camel milk i have never given this milk t Dhruva so i am unaware of its pros and cons.but sharing
Wikipedia link,may be it will help..
you an give calcium suppelements tokids as we are removing majour cource.My doc suggested calcimax..
Incident no 2..

Image result for govind ghee

one day my friends came over my place for dinner and i have prepared the most famous north Indian cuisine LITTI CHOKHA so this time i was very particular with Dhruva’s litti .Made it out of jowari. i served him jowari litti and chutney and brinjal bharta..this time i was so sure he will enjoy his food.but to my surprise as i dipped the litti in GHEE and gave to Dhruva to eat. he had it, there was no smell in ghee ,was again using Govind Ghee since last 7 days so never thought of any adulteration in this ghee

but Dhruva became v hyperactive and restless i remember he started jumping on the sofa for 2 hrs ,crying yelling and biting,head banging which i had never experienced with him..As ghee was the only culprit so with immediate effect stopped Ghee…
and next day he was absolutely fine..all behavior were gone..
it seem they have mixed Dalda or any unwanted oil palmoline oil,Safflower oil,Cotton seed oil..etc which are v harmful..etc.and what not..the quality of ghee was very taste in ghee no smell and it was not solidifying also which is one property of ghee..half bottle was full of oil and was floating it seemed refine oil was floating on ghee..
now comes the third culprit
A sugar-free diet (or no-sugar diet) is one that typically limits all sources of added sugar (like soda(triggers hyperactivity immediately), snack bars and desserts, Sugar found in artificial juice ,sugar candies,kids favorite LOLLY-POP ,Chocolates
are removed from the child’s daily food intake.
Incident No 3
With GFCF diet for 1 month now Dhruva became quiet manageable so thought of taking him to a restaurant .we went there ordered our food and Dhruva”s favorite FRESH LIME SODA..
immediately after drinking the soda he became v hyper in the restaurant itself..every body was starring us..we came back home rushing and gave him coconut water and he went to pee twice and thrice and he was fine the next day..
so ruled out Soda and all the air rated drinks from his diet.. too ..
Removing sugar from diet is very benificial it leads to
  • Reduced risk for inflammatory digestive conditions, such as irritable bowel disease (IBD), and intolerance to wheat/gluten many also notice less constipation, diarrhea, stomach bloating or acid reflux.
  • Better protection against other common conditions related to inflammation, weight gain and nutrient deficiencies like hemorrhoids, kidney stones, peptic ulcer, PMS, autoimmune diseases, poly cystic ovarian syndrome, and neurological diseases like dementia or Alzheimer’s disease
In order to reduce your sugar intake and deal with cravings for sweets or refined carbohydrates — a very common problem among most parents looking to improve their kids eating habits — there are five main steps I recommend taking, which are discussed in more detail below:
  1. Eat more fiber.Make child eat more fiber..
  2. Include more protein in your diet.
  3. Eat more healthy fats.
  4. Read ingredient labels carefully when grocery shopping in order to know just what you’re consuming, since most parents don’t realize how much sugar they’re really eating or drinking.
Will wind up this article by adding no fermented products such as Idli Dosa as they are prepared by fermenting them..
you can give freshly grinded Idli Dosa but strictly not fermented one .
the moment i use to give him fermented food Dhruva would start laughing without any cause..again gave him coconut water and all unwanted substance from his body would flush out and he was fine..later..
Certainly, dietary changes can be worth investigating and trying, and many parents report improvements in behavior.
Currently i am working with 6 kids and all are getting better day by day only with diet..out of these 2 are those parents who cannot afford Rs1000/45 min therapies class.

so mommies do give it a try..i can say with my experience 60% child recovers from spectrum..

Do bear with me as i get only 5 am to 7 am time to post these articles.. that to 2 days as i go for strength training by PRC PUNE rest days left as i have to complete this blog so that my aim to take out all the kids from spectrum is achieved and also to complete 42 km marathon one day…

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