Sound Of Falling Snow:Dhruva’s Journey..

Sound of Falling Snow


With boundless love and patience we as a parent can help our child achieve success.During the darkest days don’t give-up; stand up once again when your faith is shaken”, and the most important part – “Believe in our child competence”My son was 7.5 month premature baby weighing 1400gm suffering from RDS spent 34 days in NICU and ventilator. A day came in the hospital wherein he stopped breathing and had to do surgery in the side of the lungs to give artificial respiration through ventilator. The Doctors, we and the baby fought back with courage and determination so that we could bring him back from the hospital to the home. And then came the day when we bought him to the home. His first touch and feel gave me such a satisfaction, joy, pride, relief and a close companion.Babies are like Sun that bring warmth, happiness and light into our lives in such a magical way. Time passed and he made my love stronger, day’s shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, apart forgotten and feel worth living for.My son was a healthy infant and met his developmental milestones until approximately 2yrs of age when we observed that his development was a bit slower. He was not responding to his name. People used to tell the boys generally have delayed speech. He was good at gross and fine motors but had speech delay. By the age of 2.5 yrs we witnessed strong regression in language and his behaviour after a heavy sickness. Since he cannot speak he used to cry a lot whenever he could not explain anything. We as a parent were distressed seeing his restlessness, hyperactivity, cry and developmental delays.We met many doctors and they recommended speech therapy, occupational therapy. Without any further delays, we started the therapies. We also researched almost all fields allopathic, homeopathy, ayurvedic treatment, aroma therapy, massage therapy, crystal therapy and Reiki ( as we are both Reiki Masters). We even requested Principal ma’am that our son needs some time off from the school so that we could extensively carry out all the therapies, who was always there to support us whatever we needed for the Child’s development. We also discussed with other parents who were facing similar problems.So, we took a leave from the school and dedicated our whole time for our child’s development. We started GFCFSF diet and went preservative free and initiated intense therapies noting down everyday’s diary for the kid to observe his development very closely. Days were hectic, and after seeing regular ups and down. With 3-4 hrs of daily massage, 1 hour of exercise, 2-3 hours of sitting/learning activity we found that he is now responding and feeling much less restless as he was able to explain his needs in a better way than before. With joint compressions his muscle tone also started improving.Time passed and about 3-4 month later we decided that now the child needs his mates company. So we decided to resume his schooling. And the day when he resumed his school, Principal Ma’am and his teachers were so surprised to see the change. He has improved eye contact, responding his name and following commands. Even he is comfortable with the teachers and his friends. Earlier he used to cry while going to school and now he is bringing his bag himself to go to school and happily goes to the school. He is happy now and less restless. He has not yet started speaking fully but has started few words and we are very confident that very soon he will be speaking too. A lot of thanks to Principal ma’am, Archana Ma’am and the teachers for their help and support.This was all possible due to the positive approach and dedication. Parent must enjoy their parenthood. Keep on pouring unconditional love and care upon your children whatever the situations. Respect your freedom and choice. Parent should come together and with their love and care can change any situation. If your child is weak in mathematics and good at arts, do not get a math’s teacher rather than get an arts teacher for the child. Children learn through various ways visually, by hearing, by observing others and by passively making the child do various activities. Some are good at some ways and some in others. We need to know the child closely what the child is good at and recognize his strengths. Hope this article will help you understand your child in a better way. Always “Dwell in possibilities”after helping about 6 to 7 kids now…all my friends out there wanted me to create a blog and share all the experience and our findings that is helping all the kids to recover from Autism….so guys here i am with the blog…will share all the data finding and my experiences…feel free to post any queries on..:: Mrs. Sneha Narayan- Capt.Rishikant Narayan

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